4 Factors that can affect how fertile you are

If you’re thinking of having a baby, you may have heard that certain habits can influence how fast you can get pregnant. Although certain habits are considered old wives’ tales, some experts say that certain lifestyle habits can affect your fertility. Here are some habits that are not best for conceiving.

Some lubricants – Some couples will need lubricants when having sex. However, some water based lubricants can inhibit sperm to reach the egg as the water in the lube prevents the sperm from traveling. Other varieties with petroleum jelly can cause the PH level in the vagina to change causing the sperms to die. If you’re planning on getting pregnant, invest in a lubricant that is specifically designed to help women get pregnant.

Certain medications – Antidepressants can cause hormone levels to rise and interfere with ovulation. If you are planning on getting pregnant, speak to your doctor and ask for medication that will not cause you to be less fertile.

Your weight – If you are overweight, you may have fertility issues or have an increased risk of suffering from a miscarriage. Being underweight can also cause you to be infertile. Weight impacts hormone levels in the body which then causes irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation. If you are over or under weight, consider visiting a nutritionist to help you reach a healthy weight before trying to conceive.

Your genetics – If you have a mom or a sister who has experienced problems conceiving, there is a high chance that you will find it harder to conceive. Speak to your doctor about your family history to get advice on how you should proceed.