5 Booty-Shaping Exercises

Shaping your booty is a vital part in getting fit. But it’s isn’t easy getting it into shape – not without a serious workout.

That said, there are exercises that you can perform anywhere – partners are necessary too. Here are 5 of these booty-shaping exercises:

1: Lying Hip Raises

This is the first exercise that you should try in a booty workout. The benefit is that is works the entire leg with little to slow movement. In particular, it impacts the quads and hamstrings. It will help you focus on the entire glute when you reach the top of the exercise.

2: Pelvic Tilt

This exercise will not only firm up the tush and wake your pelvic floor muscles too. One benefit of this exercise is that it will prevent a prolapse in women in old age. One thing to remember: perform this exercise with subtlety. This will fire up your quads and hip flexors too see it here.

3: Barbell Hip Raises

This exercise is a difficult variation of lying hip raises. For this, you’ll need a workout bench. Also, you’ll need a barbell with plate ranging from 15 to 25 kilos. This exercise engages the glutes and in fact, the entire leg. Given the position of the barbell, it’ll work your abdomen too.

4: Squat Thrusts

This exercise is a variation of the traditional squat. Not only will it target your booty but it will also get your heart pumping. For this you, start in a plank position, move your feet towards your hands and jump up. When in the air, separate your feet so that you land in a wider position. 10 to 20 reps should be fine.

5: Stance Jacks

This exercise involves moving from a standing to a twisted crouched position. The benefit of this exercise is that it works both your glutes and oblique muscles.