7 Simple health habits that will save you money

alternativehealthreporterYou may think that wellness comes with a large price tag, however, by adopting these healthy habits, you will save money and feel energized.

Download Studies have shown that people who paid for $70 per month gym memberships, visited the gym less than 5 times a year. You can try workout apps like SworkIt app for free. This app will let you choose the length of your workout from 5,10,15 minute sessions or more. It will also let you choose the body part you want to workout.

Steer clear of unnecessary tests – Most patients and doctors will on average request more tests that needed. Remember to ask your doctor if each test is necessary and what is being tested.

Get your flu shot in the morning – Many Americans get the flu and this as equated to $7 billion in sick days.  If you get your flu shot and schedule it in the morning, you will have a greater response to the vaccine and this means a longer protection period.

Take advantage of wellness programs – Free wellness programs that are held at your workplace, community center or local clinic are a great way to gain knowledge and pass health screenings.

Turn down the heat on your thermostat to 62°F at night – By lowering your thermostat, you will enjoy deeper sleep and lower your annual energy bills by 15%.

an app that helps you work out at home, on your schedule –