Diets Rich in B3 and Fiber Prevent Colon Cancer and Inflammation

Article written by Health and Wellness Central

As men age, a major risk becomes colon cancer, something they’re supposed to be tested for at least once a year after 40. While this can often lead to many pills and prescriptions, new research has doubled-down on the idea that a diet rich in fiber can help prevent the onset of colon cancer. This research adds, however, that B3, also known as Niacin, is necessary as well

A major player when it comes to helping to prevent colon cancer is actually the healthy bacteria that exist in our stomach. When most people think of bacteria, they think of washing their hands or using soap to make sure the organisms aren’t around. But there’s also good bacteria that is essential to keeping healthy. The ones that live in our stomachs, research has found, flourish when fiber is bountiful.

However, vitamin B3 can play a vital role as well, especially in diets that don’t receive enough fiber on a regular basis. New research found that B3 actually forces the immune system into anti-inflammatory behavior. This is good news as inflammation has often been linked to cancer, especially of the colon.

So while either can play an important role in preventing colon cancer in males as they age, it’s best to make sure both are part of a well balanced diet. Fortunately, in this day and age, neither is a challenge. Men can easily take B3 supplements and get the fiber they need from foliage. Of course, they can also take supplements for that as well.