Silent heart attack in Women

In recent years women have become victims of silent heart attacks. Here are a few facts about the reasons and symptoms that can cause a silent heart attack.

Misdiagnosis – It is known that women often have a higher threshold for seeking medical help and when they do doctors dismiss their symptoms for anxiety or panic attack.

Signs – Silent heart attacks have nonspecific symptoms, and they include heartburn, indigestion, nausea, tiredness, flu, cold sweats, jaw pain and muscle strain in the chest or upper back.

The Danger – Silent heart attacks are as dangerous as regular heart attacks. They can often be more severe as medical help is not provided in time, causing the blood supply to the body to suffer. However, if treatment is provided in time, with a clot-busting drug or with a balloon angioplasty, patient’s heart can be restored to their normal function.

What to do if it happens – If you experience the symptoms above, it is best to call an ambulance or ask someone you know to take you to the nearest hospital. Avoid driving yourself as you may put yourself and someone else in danger.

Lifestyle modification – It is important to know the risk factors that cause a heart attack, they include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. As soon as you are well, try to modify your lifestyle by eating healthy, staying active, being smoke-free and relax from stress.