98 Shampoos Contain Carcinogens That Can Cause Cancer, a Study Reveals

The next time you buy healthcare products in the form of shampoos and soaps among others, it’s a good idea to check the health risks associated with the chemicals that they might contain.

The reason for this is linked to a study conducted by an independent lab and which was authorized by the Center for Environmental Health – watchdog organization.

These tests that were commissioned were to ascertain how much of cocamide DEA was present in shampoos and soaps which was listed as a carcinogen in California, thanks to research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

(Incidentally, Cocamide DEA or cocamide dethanolamine is a thickener or foaming agent which is used in a number of healthcare or hygiene products these days.)

The study’s findings revealed that almost 98 common products contained this compound but did not label the product with a warning – a clear violation of law. Some of the products that contained high levels of this compound include Bliss Body Wash, Rejuvi Shower Cream, Herbal Essence shampoo and Shea Butter Shampoo by M&M Products Company.

Since CEH considers itself a watchdog organization that works to hold corporations accountable for their use of chemicals that endanger public health, it was surprising that what followed was a lawsuit against Lake Consumer Products, Ultimark Products, Todd Christopher International and Walgreen demanding that they remove this carcinogen from their products immediately.

The organization believes that since there are a number of products in the market without this carcinogen there should be no reason why other manufacturers should include it in their products at the risk of public health.