Benefits of Doing Strength Training

An effective exercise routine should consist of a good portion of cardio workouts couple with some strength training. While cardio workout is beneficial in bringing calorie loss, strength training promotes the formation of muscles. Strength workouts are also good for the heart and help to maintain solid bones. The most important benefit is that these workouts help to lose weight. This type of workout is suited for everyone irrespective of their age groups. Even people suffering from arthritis would benefit from this type of training.

Weight Loss

Strength training contributes not only in shedding excess body fat, it also helps to maintain and sustain the a constant weight loss. For instance, women who engage in weight training around 3 times a week would be able to boost their calorie burn. This helps in maintaining a constant weight and to prevent any weight gain.

Bones and Muscle Mass

Once a person gets into adulthood after puberty, the body would start to lose at least 1 percent of the muscle mass and bone strength every year. The loss of the muscle mass and bone can be prevented through strength training.

Stronger and Fitter

Resistance or strength training is responsible for toning the body muscles by contracting them. Most people practise two kind of resistance training. The first one is isometric resistance and the other isotonic strength training. Both of these trainings contribute to making the body stronger and toned.

It is generally recommended that strength training be carried out on alternative days as the body needs to recover after each routine.