Coffee May Lead To a Decreased Melanoma Risk

A new study has found that the regular drinking of coffee may be associated with a slight reduction in the risk for skin cancer. The study was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. The demographic studied for this research was non-Hispanic white people aged between 50 to 71. In total health and dietary information were collected from 447, 357 cancer free people. The study followed the behavior of these people for around 10 years. The researchers identified 2,904 cases of melanoma among the subjects.

It was also found out that the more people consumed coffee, the lower were their risk of getting melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer generic clomid hyclate. An average consumption of about four cups of coffee lowered the risk by 20 percent compared to those who did not drink it. The study did not cater for decaffeinated coffee and did not consider melanoma in situ which is the earliest stage of the diseases and which inflicts the top layer of the skin only.The research also took into consideration factors such as smoking habit, exercises and alcohol consumption of the individuals. Behavioral and other genetic factors were also considered. However, authors of the study acknowledge that there might be other factors that might explain these results.

Even though these results are encouraging, they do not call for anyone to change their coffee drinking habits. The most important action to avoid risks of melanoma is still to avoid exposure to the sun and ultraviolet lights.