Counseling During a Divorce: What to Expect

divorce-counselingCounseling during a divorce may happen for several reasons. A couple may choose to go to counseling in order to work through issues around their divorce. In California, parents are required to go through counseling prior to a trial or hearing about child custody. Divorce counseling might also take the form of mediation. A person may discuss any concerns they have about the counseling process with their divorce attorney Long Beach CA.

People going through divorce counseling may be surprised by some of the outcomes. Mediation or court-ordered counseling may reduce conflict even over issues that couples have regarded as unsolvable. In other cases, even if couples never come to an agreement, counseling may result in moving closer to a compromise. The couples’ Long Beach divorce lawyers may then be able to assist them in coming to a legal agreement.

Counseling during divorce differs from marriage counseling in a few key ways. While marriage counseling focuses on breaking behavior patterns and learning their underlying causes, communication, and forging a bond for the long term, divorce counseling is more specifically focused on problem solving divorce-related issues. This may include how to tell the children and how to resolve conflicts over issues in property division. One surprising aspect of divorce counseling is that you may find that although you do not get along as spouses, you might work together effectively as coparents after the divorce. With divorce counseling and the assistance of a child custody attorney Long Beach, you may get the outcome that you want in the divorce.

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