Different types of dentures explained

Article written by Elite Dental Group

Missing teeth can make a person feel self-conscious and cause the surrounding teeth to lose stability. To fill in gaps, modern dentistry offers a wide range of options from removable to fixed dentures that are comfortable and look natural.

When considering removable dentures, there are two main types, which are complete dentures and partial dentures. Fixed implants, on the other hand, require surgery and are permanently fixed to your jaw born. The type of dentures you choose will depend on your age, lifestyle, budget, and preferences.

Complete dentures – Older patients will opt for complete dentures as they are for those who have lost all teeth. Complete dentures can be placed on top of gums and can be fitted within 2-4 months of losing all teeth. This form of dentures is removable and often anchored using implants. Dentists will offer immediate dentures until a patient’s complete dentures are ready.

Partial dentures – Partial dentures can be used if the patient has some natural teeth. The dentures are held in place with the metal frames and their pink base with clasps that connect to natural teeth.

Custom dentures offer a natural-looking smile and added comfort, for a higher price than conventional dentures. Custom dentures use better quality materials and are made specifically to the measurements of a patient’s mouth and teeth. Digital oral scans or traditional molding techniques are used to match these dentures to a patient’s mouth.

Dentures can offer patients the self-confidence needed to live life to the fullest with the additional benefit of protecting their natural teeth and gums. When considering a dentist to consult for dentures, look for one with experience in forming and fitting dentures with the use of modern dentist methods and equipment.

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