What Type of Contact Solution is Best for Your Eyes?

Summary: Choosing from a variety of contact solutions can be a difficult and time-consuming duty.

Contact lenses are considered medical devices and should be treated as such. Failing to follow the appropriate maintenance and cleaning procedures can lead to serious health complications and may require medical attention. Despite this, a majority of contact wearers do not care for their lenses like they should.

The correct contact lens solution for your brand-new Acuvue Air Optix lenses or any other type should be based solely on the optometrist’s recommendation.

Multipurpose Contact Solutions

A multipurpose solution is a type of do-it-all liquid in that it’s used for both cleaning and storage purposes. Comprised of medical-grade detergents and an array of disinfecting agents, multipurpose solutions are clean and more importantly, safe to use. It requires little to no work, other than the application process. Lens.com recommends 4 full hours minimum for disinfecting when using this solution.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions

Hydrogen peroxide-based contact solutions is comprised of hydrogen peroxide suspended in sterile saline. Designed to completely disinfect your contact lenses, they do not provide the same versatility as multipurpose solutions. In order to clean your contacts with hydrogen peroxide solutions, you’ll want to first rinse your contacts with a multipurpose solution and then apply it after. This removes any contaminants and bacteria and allows the hydrogen peroxide to fully do its work.

It is important to note that this type of solution cannot be Justify on the contact lenses while wearing them. Hydrogen peroxide can be damaging to the eyes and it’s critical that you clean the entire lens with a multipurpose solution after to ensure none of the chemicals get into the eyes.