Are Your Contact Lenses Bothering You Constantly?

Some of us have been wearing glasses for many years and we’ve wondered whether contact lenses would be something we might like. If you talk to people who wear contact lenses on a daily basis, you’ll find a lot of stories – good and bad – about their experiences.

New contact lenses do require a bit of adjustment. This article will highlight some of the ways that contact lens wearers deal with common issues.

Dry Eyes

One of the most irritating problems that contact lens wearers experience is dry eyes. Since the lenses are worn right next to the eye, there’s no way for moisture to get in. That leaves you with a painful problem: dry eyes. Most optometrists prescribe special eye drops to those who wear contact lenses. You do have to apply the drops several times each day. Otherwise you can wind up with dry, irritated eyes that itch.

Constant Irritation

Another common issue that contact lens wearers experience is eye irritation. Imagine your eyes itching or bothering you constantly. No matter what you do, your eyes feel uncomfortable or they hurt. Some people just cannot wear contact lenses. But the good news is that there are solutions to stop eye irritation. You can take your contacts out several times a day and use your eye drops. This will give your eyes a chance to breathe.

The experts suggest seeing an optician if the problem continues. In some cases, the wearer is not cleaning the lenses correctly or they might need to switch brands. It may take time to find the brand of contact lens and eye drops that will work specifically for you. It is an ongoing problem for many wearers, but doctors recommend seeing your eye doctor to discuss the issues you’re having. You don’t have to just put up irritated or dry eyes.

Wash your Hands!

 It may takeAnother recommendation from top leading opticians is to make sure that you are cleaning the lenses properly each day. Good hygiene is a must for contact lens wearers. You should never handle them with dirty or greasy hands. Debris can get on the lenses and cause some fairly serious eye problems, such as an eye infection. Therefore, always begin by washing your hands with soap and water, rinsing them well; then towel dry. Once you get the hang of this, it will become second nature.

Should You Buy Contact Lenses Online?

You can now buy contact lenses online. Many wearers are concerned about purchasing discount contact lenses. However, if you purchase them from a reputable site, they are often just as well made as any popular name brand.