Fat oxidation with green tea

Article written by Cellan Pills.

Green tea is a must have ingredient in any fat burning supplement. Green tea is known for centuries for its power to increase the metabolism, control appetite and burn body fat. Many recent research on green tea concentrate on its fat burning power for obvious reason. World is facing obesity as one of the major health issues and one way to reduce obesity is through body fat burning. Studies indicate that fat oxidation can be increased by more than 17 percent by using green tea and extracts. All this is possible due to an ingredient found in abundance in green tea known as EGCG.

Green tea caffeine content is somewhat different from its cousin, coffee. Instead of making you jittery that is caused by coffee, green tea works gently. This helps to improve the metabolism and boost your body strength. This is all possible due to mobilization of fatty acids in your tissues and the associated fat burning. This is why Cellan contains 100 percent green tea extract.

Recent research links green tea and its EGCG content to reduce fats accumulated in tissues. Unlike coffee, green tea works gently and effectively to burn body fat. This is why Cellan Diet contains green tea extract as one of its main ingredients.