Are DIY Clear Aligners a good idea?

Article submitted By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.  

You’ve probably seen the ads from companies like Byte and SmileDirectClub that offer clear aligners without the need for an orthodontist. Though some patients report good results from this type of DIY process, others have had problems.

How DIY aligners work Irvine

The company will take scans of your mouth and teeth, then manufacture all the aligners you need to straighten and correct your teeth. You pay one fee for this procedure but there’s no orthodontist involved. You’re on your own!

One patient that used DIY aligners reported that they could no longer chew their food. Another reported painful jaw movements when speaking. Still another said that their teeth wound up being more crooked than when they began.

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The major flaw with DIY aligners is that you never see an orthodontist so you don’t really know if your teeth are being corrected properly. You won’t find out until some damage occurs and by then, you could be looking at thousands of dollars to correct the damage.

You wouldn’t opt to conduct your own surgery on any other part of your body. Most of us are not qualified to do that. Our teeth are an important component of our overall health. When you have healthy teeth and gums, you feel better, more confident and are often healthier overall than someone with infected gums and broken teeth.

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Many insurance programs now will pay at least a part of dental procedures including braces. You can use pre-tax dollars from your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) so this can make braces more affordable.

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