Why Replacing Your Seat Cushions Is a Healthy Practice

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

If you’ve ever owned a sofa with foam cushions or a seat cushion for your office chair, you may be familiar with how a cushion feels when it starts to sag. Old cushions are not as comfortable and they don’t give you the same amount of support as they did when you first bought them. You may start to feel more pressure, discomfort, and aching. When this happens there are several health reasons why getting replacement cushions is a good practice.

A good seat cushion helps mitigate the negative effects of sitting for too long. Sitting exerts pressure on your lower body, including the hips and tailbone. This compression can result in issues with digestion and blood circulation. A comfortable foam cushion helps reduce lower body compression, resulting in better blood flow and making you less likely to experience constipation, heartburn, and other digestive issues.

Furthermore, replacing your seat cushions can reduce the number of dust mites you come in contact with. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that feed on dead skin and congregate in household objects such as your sofa and mattress. Their feces are common allergens that cause allergic people to sneeze, cough, or experience asthma attacks in the most severe cases. Old seat cushions will likely have higher quantities of dust, so getting replacement cushions can help manage allergies.

You can find good replacements for your sofa cushions or chair cushions at The Foam Factory. Contact them today to discuss sizing and customization options for your specific needs.