Curious about Cryoablation of the Endometrium?

If you are curious about cryoablation of the endometrium then you have come to the right place. There are many gynecological conditions that would give a woman reason to want to do this procedure and it has been tested and true throughout time.

Women that suffer from heavy periods are generally the ones that are curious about this procedure. The process ends up removing or even reducing the endometrium. Due to the fact that this is done at a subzero temperature, this also adds to the comfort of the woman that is going through the said procedure.

Dr. Berenholz provides this procedure along with many others. By going this route, you will be able to live a life without heavy periods. This is an amazing relief to many women like you that have been suffering through them for many years. Periods can be exhausting and knock down your defenses. By cutting back on the endometrium, this helps give you your life back without very many complications or risks.


He provides other types of surgeries like labiaplasty surgery for those women that would like to minimize their labial space down below. He has been doing these procedures for over 20 years and this is his true calling. He has long been known for making sensitive procedures such as these as comfortable as possible, eliciting confidence from his patients for many years.


Take the time to do research and make sure you schedule a consult with the doctor, so that you can get the proceedings started and be well on your way to comfort!