Mexico: One of the World’s Capitals for Ibogaine Treatments

When people think of tourism in Mexico, they usually think of beaches, nightlife, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, “psychedelic tourism” and “rehab tourism” have also become popular due to the country’s more lax rules for the consumption of psychoactive substances. In countries such as the United States, psychedelic substances like ibogaine are outlawed. This can be inconvenient for people who wish to try ibogaine for addiction, depression, PTSD, or other conditions that are treatable using ibogaine.

Ibogaine is a psychedelic drug noted for its ability to block neurochemical activity that leads to cravings and withdrawal symptoms such as depression. Because of ibogaine’s illegal status in the United States, there are now many ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico, such as Beond Ibogaine. Beond is an example of a high-quality ibogaine clinic in Mexico, with certified medical staff members and post-treatment activities such as massages, art therapy, and water therapy. However, because ibogaine is unregulated in Mexico, there are also many other ibogaine clinics of varying quality and legitimacy. For this reason, potential patients should do their research on any treatment centers they may be interested in.

For patients to have a safe and effective experience during an ibogaine treatment, it is important to choose a treatment center you can trust. A clinic with qualified doctors and nurses should be your first priority when looking for ibogaine treatments in Mexico. Make sure all the doctors at your chosen treatment center are board certified and trained in addiction medicine. Furthermore, you should make sure your treatment center uses the purest ibogaine samples because consuming impure ibogaine is not safe and may result in adverse side effects.