The Right Feng Shui Plants To Have In Your Garden

Article by Wicker Paradise .

When planning your garden according to feng shui principles one of the most obvious parts is to decide what plants are going to be in your garden. For each of the different elements, there are different plants and colors that go with it. Planting at least one of these in its proper place will give variety to your garden.

As a general rule, plants that are more pointed and that feature red are the obvious choices for the fire element. Red peonies and geraniums are good for flowers and if your garden is large enough for trees a red maple is a great choice.

For the water element, the main colors are blues and blacks, with iris and lotus flowers being prime examples. Lotus flowers, like water lilies, require a lot of water so you can only plant these if you have a small pool of some kind.

Metal is characterized by rounded white and golden colors with jasmine, gardenias, and white hydrangeas being good to put in these areas. Yellow flowers and earthy tones are the plants best suited for the earth element. Rhododendron and decorative grasses like miscanthus are great to plant here.

For the wood element you don’t want a lot of flowers, instead choose woody plants like bamboo, pine, or palm. This is where you would have a seat like a wicker chair or a wooden bench since this will not only go with the element but will be under shade here.  

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