3 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Workout

aa14ed3a2142f98ed6195a0f588a6748Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced gym rat, there’s a tendency to fall into a rut with bad workout habits. At first, you might not know that you are making mistakes. But when you don’t get results, you’ll want to rethink your approach.Here are 3 ways you might be sabotaging your workout:

1: Lifting Too Much Too Soon

Starting a workout program without a warm up or even moving too fast can cause injuries that you can do without. When it comes to a warm up, make sure you focus on the muscles that will be used during your workout. A simple example of this is to do 100 reps with just the bar before you move to doing chest presses with weights. One rule for increasing weights: do not increase the weight not unless you can perform at least two more reps above the goal you’ve set for yourself.

2: Copying Other People In The Gym

If you’re not sure how to perform a particular, find a trainer. Avoid taking help from another person in the gym. If you must, invest some money in a trainer with good credentials, and get your workout straightened out down to the last detail. If you can’t afford this, look for DVDs produced by several trainers. You can then practice the moves in the front the mirror until you get it absolutely right.

3: Focus on Cardio and Avoid Weights to Lose Weight

Most beginners prefer using an elliptical trainer or a treadmill because it requires little skill or agility. But focusing on cardio will produce limited results. While it’s good for a start, it’s important to add resistance training that will increase metabolic rate apart from burning calories 24 hours a day.