6 Ways to eat healthy while on vacation

Most people love to head on holiday as they get a chance to unwind. However, if you have been eating healthy and exercising months before your vacation, you may not want to splurge on food and alcohol. Here are six ways to eat healthy while on vacation.

Don’t splurge – Enjoy foods that you usually wouldn’t eat but eat them in moderation. Understand that you will be eating many different meals on holiday and therefore be mindful of your quantities at every meal.

Have it your way – Restaurants will serve dishes in different ways, however, if you want to customize your order, just speak to your server. Let them know if you prefer your sauces or dressing on the side and if your meal can be grilled or air fried instead of deep fried.

Enjoy the atmosphere- Eating on vacation is not only about the food but also about the atmosphere. Take your time to soak up the scenery and take time between every bite.

Walk – Travelling is a great chance to explore, so opt to walk when sightseeing or include a daily hike early in the morning.

A treat a day – If you want to indulge in a dessert, look at including it at the end of the day when your resolve is a lot less. Opt for only one treat a day and remember to savor each bite.

Healthy choices – Most hotels and restaurants will have healthy options on their menus, look at choosing these instead over fatty, unhealthy options.