Activities in assisted living facilities

Blog provided by Glen Terra Senior Assisted Living

A happy retirement is the least you can provide for your senior loved ones after they spent their entire lives caring for and ensuring your life started on the right note. One of the many options available are assisted living facilities like senior housing Burbank. Put aside any stigma of crowded nursing homes. These assisted living facilities are vibrant communities that offer everything you would want in a place to live. Here are some of activities you can expect.

Movie nights

Everything you need for a great movie night, including old classic movies, snacks, and even movie popcorn. It’s like going to the cinema every week. Nothing better than getting to go to the movies with all your friends all the time.


We don’t spend enough time outdoors and ample garden space gives our seniors the time and room to spend outside. In some cases, seniors are encouraged to help with garden maintenance if it is something that interests them.

Art and Music

Creative activity is essential as we get older to maintain happiness and mental health. Regular classes that teach or further skills also help maintaining levels of cognition.


Whether its poker or card games, regular gameplay and competitions keep it interesting and entertaining. Long form games like Chess also lower the risk of cognitive decline.


A weekly or bi-weekly book club of books from the library is another activity that is interesting and prevents cognitive decline. Not only does everyone read the book, they then get to discuss what happened with the group.

There are many more such activities at Affordable assisted living facility Los Angeles and they all go a long way to maintaining both physical and mental well-being in a safe and secure setting.

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