Coleanse Helps Fight Yeast Infections

Although it is a common health issue, a yeast infection can be very painful and uncomfortable. Symptoms include itching and irritation, a burning sensation, vaginal pain, and thick vaginal discharge. Common ways to treat yeast infections include antifungal creams and antifungal medications. However, there are ways you can treat and even prevent yeast infections the natural way, such as Coleanse.

The purpose of Coleanse is to gently flush away unwanted toxins from the colon. This process is accomplished the all-natural way, with natural ingredients such as Bentonite Clay and Cape Aloe. With unwanted toxins cleansed from the colon, many people experience a wide range of health benefits, ranging from an increase in energy to decrease in gas and bloating. One of the side effects of cleansing the colon, however, also includes a reduction in yeast infections.

However, yeast infections are not the only health issues improved by the use of Coleanse. The Coleanse diet has also been known to improve skin conditions, bad breath, parasite infections, powerful food cravings, and irritable bowel syndrome. Talk to your doctor before taking a new product.