Four Etiquette Rules for Hairstylists

A cosmetology school teaches you how to cut and style different types of hair. However, excelling in this career goes beyond technical skills. According to Danie’s Beauty Salon you’ll need to practice salon etiquette to earn your respect from customers and coworkers.

Exhibiting these salon etiquette rules is a matter of common sense. Follow them to build your reputation as a professional and respectful stylist.

Be on Time

Clients select a specific time for a reason. If you make your clients wait, you’re off for a bad start. Be respectful and considerate of your customer’s time.

Keep Your Phone Away

Don’t answer personal calls when attending your client. It’s rude. Restrict your calls and texts to breaks and lunchtime.

However, instruct your family on how to reach you. For instance, there may be an emergency at home that needs your attention. Let them call your salon and relay the message or ask to talk to you. Excuse yourself politely and answer the call.

Understand What your Client Wants

At times, it’s difficult to tell what your client wants. For instance, a customer may ask for a shorter haircut. Seek clarification on what they exactly mean.

At times, their type and size of hair may not offer what they want. Be polite and explain to them the reasons why. Make suggestions on what can or cannot work.

Be Professional

Maintain high professional standards while addressing your clients. If possible, avoid volatile subjects like politics and religion at your Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA. Watch your language to avoid hurting anyone.