Four great winter spa treatments to de-stress

Winter coupled with the holiday season can be difficult and stressful for most people. To help you de-stress before and after winter, here are some unique winter spa treatments that will help you relax.

Snowshoeing – Snowshoeing is a popular winter activity in most states. Some resorts are adding a calming twist to this activity by offering yoga poses that help to relax and stretch the body.

Hot stone massage – Hot stone massage treatments can be very comforting in winter as they tend to warm up your core. However, it is important to remember that the stones can be quite hot and sometimes uncomfortable for those who are sensitive to heat. If you like taking hot baths and drinking hot drinks or soups, then the chances are you will like this type of massage.

Pumpkin-infused mud or clay mask – Pumpkin is high in antioxidants and is, therefore, a great ingredient for mud or clay masks. These treatments are best for those who want to draw out impurities and replenish tired or dry skin. The head-to-toe clay or mud baths are applied warm and left on the skin for 30 minutes to help absorption.

Paraffin wax treatment – Paraffin wax treatments involve placing melted wax on the skin, which then dries, allowing the oils to infuse into your skin. Most often the treatment is only for the hands and the feet since the wax hardens and then cracks. The treatment will leave your hands and feet soft and supple for weeks and help you battle winter dryness.