How to Reduce Eye Strain from Screen Usage

Eyesight is something that many people take for granted. Now, even if your vision isn’t perfect, you can still invest in corrective tools such as contact lenses or LASIK surgery to improve your overall vision. If you have visited your eye doctor recently, he or she will likely tell you to avoid lengthy periods of time in front of a screen due to the effects it can have on your vision. Studies have also shown that screens can cause eye fatigue and strain on the eyes.

People spend a good chunk of their time looking at a type of screen everyday, from checking their phones to staring at a computer screen for work. Screen usage may not be something that can be avoided entirely, but there are some tips you can follow to limit the overall amount of strain you experience from screens.

Keep a Safe Distance

One way to decrease eye strain caused by screens is to increase the distance between yourself and the electronic device. If you find yourself squinting or tiling your head forward to read something, there’s a good chance you’re placing an immense amount of strain on your eyes. You can increase the size of your text or visit your local optometrist so he or she can update your current prescription or give you a brand new one.

Limit Your Time

Another effective method of reducing your overall eye strain is simply limit the overall amount of time you spend staring at screens. If you catch yourself sifting through social media for hours on end, try to limit yourself to half-an-hour sessions. Not only are you giving your eyes a break, but you’re also reducing the overall amount of stress that you’re placing on them as well.