Managing Your Back Pain in San Diego

Article submitted by RB Spine Center.

When your back is injured, you can’t wait for help. Every minute between you and relief can be excruciating, often times leaving you with no choice but to lie down until you can find help.

San Diego spine and disc specialist are not hard to get a hold of. There are easily hundreds of them in the city and thousands if you include the larger metro area. But finding the right one is what will make the biggest difference.

The easiest way to do this is to ask friends and family you trust for recommendations. While your general practitioner may have some recommendations of their own, keep in mind that they doubtfully see them. It makes more sense to take the words of people you know who are actual patients and can recommend their chiropractors to you.

You might not find the chiropractor you want on your first visit. In fact, it might be a week or more before you decide whether or not anyone you saw was right for you. One important thing to look for in a chiropractor is a doctor who will listen about your symptoms and what caused the problem before beginning to adjust. Not all back problems are the same, after all.

If, for whatever reason, adjustments aren’t doing the trick, consider acupuncture. San Diego has no shortage of practitioners in the old Eastern art and many people swear by them.


Article submitted by RB Spine Center. If you’re looking for the best pain management San Diego has to offer, they’re the people to call.