The Top Three Foods for Off-site Catering

Article Submitted by Foodtradeconsultants
The choices at our disposal when building a menu for offsite catering are certainly vast and varied, it can often be difficult to choose what will be the tastiest yet most practical option. Taste differs greatly from person to person, it is best to pick dishes that suit a range of different palettes. Here are our top three choices of food types that work best for off-site catering.

Mexican Food

There are few ethnic food types that hold the popularity and versatility of Mexican food. Heat-and-eat snacks such as burritos, tacos and nachos have been popularized throughout the world and for good reason! The one factor that really makes Mexican food shine as a choice for offsite catering is the simplicity of meal construction.

Meals such as tacos and fajitas are easy to assemble and one can display the host of ingredients elegantly and in such a way as to make anyone’s mouth water! Even if one does decide on a prepared meal choice, almost all forms of Mexican food store and transport well and taste great.

Indian Food

The majority of dishes that carry a large amount of sauce are good options for your remote catering. The sauce draws flavour over time and it is for this reason that curry stands out as a fantastic example. You can even prepare spicy dishes in advance, taking into consideration that the dish will gradually become spicier as it heats.

Filet Mignon

This is the exception to the “red meat rule” for transport. Filet mignon is the most tender cut of beef and is prepared rare for the vast majority of requests. The reason that you can offer this and no other cuts of meat is the fact that it is not easy to overdo it in the warmer. You could even undercook it beforehand and grill it slightly to finish it off at your venue. There are many methods for transporting this wonderful piece of beef and they all leave a fantastic result, succulently soft steak.