Top Tips You Need to Know Before Wearing Colored Contact Lenses

Summary: Colored contact lenses still require careful handling before use.

If you’re thinking about wearing a stylish pair of colored contact lenses for an event or even just for fun, there are certain rules you need to follow in order to avoid any irritation or risk of infection.

Colored Contacts Are Still Medical Devices

They should always be treated as a medical device. Whether they are used as bifocal contacts or lack a prescription, these lenses should be treated with care – like you would with any medical device. If you regularly wear contact lenses and are used to them, you’ll likely have an easier time handling colored contact lenses as opposed to first-time users.

They Might be Less Comfortable

Colored contact lenses can be a bit thicker in size and may take some time to get used to. Additionally, thicker contact lenses are often easier to put in and remove, making the process a bit easier than standard contact lenses.

You Still Need to Get a Prescription

Even if you own colored contacts that do not have a prescription, you still need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor. This is because all contact lenses are medical devices that can potentially cause harm to your eyes. Moreover, it’s written in the law. Different brands will perform differently, according to, and must be checked over by the eye doctor to ensure they are right for you and your lifestyle. Once your eye doctor provides you with a prescription, you can proceed to place an order at your local retailer or online store.