What You Need to Know About Proper Nutrition Prior to Your Workout

You can definitely work out hard at the gym but if you don’t eat right, then getting that body that you’ve dreamed will all that more harder. Of course, it also optimizes your workout while also giving you plenty of energy too.

However, what you eat prior to a workout depends on what you have eaten the previous day. Here are a few options that you can follow:

Now, if your workout is the first thing in the morning, then you need to take into consideration what you ate the previous night. First, if you’ve eaten carbs, then it’s good to stick to protein and a few veggies. Not only will this help with brain function but also work along with your fat storage that will burn as fuel.


As for the situation where you did not have carbs, then you can eat rice, fruits or gluten free oats along with a protein source. Remember that you’re going to need some carbs or else this could result in a less-than-effective workout.

As for people who workout during the midday or in the evening, ensure you get your last carb meal at least 3 hours prior to working out. Also, enjoy protein and veggies at least 30-60 minutes before your workout. This will not only help brain function but keep alert too. Finally, after your workout, have 40-80 grams of carbs with the amount depending on how you process it.

One last thing: when it comes to carbs, start at the lower end and then add more carbs if it doesn’t feel enough. Unfortunately, this will lead to a loss of blood sugar during the day as well as unnecessary cravings too.