2016 Trend in Skincare with the Millenials

Millennials aren’t looking for the holy grail of youth in a bottle. But according to the Wall Street Journal. These ladies prefer quick fixes and preventing the aging problems early on instead of dealing with harmful effects to their skin years later once the damage is already done.

Sales of skin care anti aging products from well know big brands fell 2.5 percent in the third quarter. Makeup sales, in a reverse trend, are seeing over 7 percent gains, with cosmetic companies like Smashbox standing out from the rest. So what does it all mean?

First off, social media is changing the marketing landscape.  These new agile young companies are harnessing the power of self generated marketing from users on Instagram, Snapchat, & Twitter. Older makeup companies are trying to still reach the youth with old methods that no longer work.  Second, in the realm of appearance, millenials seem to favor all natural products, cruelty free, and instant fixes

Concealers, masks, and makeup products are selling, and have thousands of video tutorials on YouTube — something beauty brands are noticing. The 30 year old women of today are posting countless selfies online and want a quick fix that makes them look good to potential mates now, not in a few years.

While you might choose to skip products containing retinol or alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, both of which can irritate the skin, it isn’t a bad idea to pick up an antiaging eye cream or moisturizer from a leading online skincare cosmetics company.

If your skin is sensitive or you’re particularly concerned about aging, talk to your derm about prevention, which is about day-to-day healthy practices. The aging process is sped up quickly when you add in additional elements like UV light, pollution, and cigarette smoke. These accelerate the aging process significantly. You should start prevention now.

Make sure you avoid the sun the best you can from 11-2pm and always wear a facial cream with at least an SPF 15 built into it.  At night, use repairing ingredients like retinol, peptides, and growth factors to promote healthy skin function and collagen while you sleep.