4 things people with emotional intelligence don’t do

Article written by Free weight loss guide blog

alternativehealthreporterEveryone has been in a situation where your emotions have taken over your body and behaviour, causing conversations or incidents that we regret. Although this is a normal human reaction, the frequency of which this happens is based on how we regulate our emotions. Here are 4 things that people with emotional control don’t do:

1. They don’t ignore their feelings – People with emotional intelligence don’t ignore their feelings and let them escalate. Instead they recognize their emotions and understand why and where they are coming from.

2. They don’t neglect how their feelings affect their bodies – Our feelings often affect our bodies for example if you are stressed you may clench your jaw or have an unsettled stomach. When this happens, it is important to know why you are experiencing these physical feeling and understand what emotions are causing them.

3. They don’t simply reject emotions without working through them – Instead of rejecting an emotion, it is more productive to process it and release it, without letting it fester and become something bigger.

4. They don’t dismiss a related event to their feelings – It is important to understand that we do not wake up feeling happy, sad, depressed or hurt. All these emotions have an event that sparks their emotional response. Once this feeling is identified, it can be recreated or rectified, depending on if it is a good or bad emotional response.