4 of the healthiest new year’s resolutions

Although new year resolutions are fun to make, they can be difficult to maintain. However here are some healthy new year resolutions and some tips on how to make them a habit.

Losing weight – Losing weight can be difficult as it can mean changing many eating habits as well as maintaining fitness goals. To make the process easier, look at this resolution as a long-term goal and one that you will have to work on daily. Consider keeping track of your food using a food journal or a food tracker app.

Stay in touch – If old friends or family have become distant, reconnect with them by arranging face to face meetups and look at including at least two meetups a month.

Quit-smoking – Most smokers want to quit and have tried to multiple times. Look at different methods other than quitting for health reasons. For example, consider how much money you will save and look at putting that money towards buying yourself something special.

Save money – Saving money doesn’t have to be boring, instead look at fun ways you can cut back and yet have a good time. For example, you could bike to work to reduce fuel costs. If gym membership costs too much, look at fun exercise programs that can be done at home or consider running outdoors. Another good way to save is to cook your food. Start off by making a grocery list and pair it with recipes you want to try.