4 Things you should know before hiring a personal trainer

If you are new to the gym and need someone to guide you in the right direction, you may consider hiring a personal trainer. A good personal trainer can help you create a training program that meets your fitness goals and one that will help you maintain correct form. However, before you choose your personal trainer, here are four things to consider.

Who is your trainer – To understand if your trainer suits your personality and training needs, you will have to visit your gym and look at how the personal trainers at your gym work with their clients.

Certification – Ask your trainer where they received their certification and their areas of specialization. Some trainers will specialize in areas like prenatal or postnatal fitness, weight management, sports conditioning, fitness nutrition, etc.

What does your gut say – Speak to a few trainers and ask them how they would approach your fitness goals. If they have a clear plan that sounds sensible to you and you feel a positive vibe, you may have a good fit.

Personalized plans – You want a plan that is personalized to your needs, likes, and personality and not a plan that is offered to all clients. Your trainer should sit down with you and ask you about your medical history, injuries and check your flexibility, strength, and endurance before starting you on formal sessions.