4 Quick tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety

Stress and anxiety can steal you of a good night’s sleep and leave you feeling a lot worse the following day. Here are some quick tips that can reduce stress and stop anxiety.

Everything passes – If your laundry is piling up, your child is sick, and you have a report due all on one day, you may feel stressed as you move through your day. Life cannot be devoid of stress, but you can find ways to manage it better. Firstly, understand that the feeling you are feeling is common and that the feeling will pass.

Learn to self-soothe – You may feel that when you’re stressed your breath quickens and your heart races. When you feel this way, try moving away from your environment for a short time. If you are at work and a headline is looming, look at walking out of the office for a short walk or make yourself a cup of tea.

Talk positive – Look at talking to yourself the way you would soothe someone in a similar situation. Often positive self-talk can soothe you and help you take control of a situation. Practice phrases like, “This feeling will pass.” and “I will get through this.

Check what you eat and drink – Often when we are stressed we may reach for caffeine and alcohol. Drinks such as these can increase symptoms of anxiety and make you more nervous. Always look at eating a balanced diet and consuming meals on time, so that your blood sugar levels are stable, which will give you the energy and clarity to take on tasks.