Build Muscle and Lose Weight Fast

Article by Blythe Flake

If your New Year’s goal is to get back in shape, you have plenty of challenges ahead of you. One of the biggest will be finding the right method to do it. When it comes to exercise there is no shortage when it comes to suggestions and advice. But, as you always find out in short order, not all are effective. Fortunately, one of the best ways to lose weight and build muscle is the easiest.

Don’t waste your time spending endless hours on an exercise bike or treadmill. Don’t spend money for some fancy fitness class either. Stop spending hours on different weight machines trying to build muscle. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, all you need is a barbell.

Three simple exercises are all it takes. Bench press, deadlift and squat on a regular basis and you’ll soon be in top condition. These three exercises will work the biggest muscle groups you have. Your glutes, your lats and your pecs are massive compared to all the other muscles on your body. Everyone knows muscles burn fat, so why not work on the biggest ones you have? Doing so not only gives you a lean, muscular look, it helps you burn fat at the same time.

But glutes, lates and pecs aren’t the only muscles you’ll work. Your body has a wide range of muscles, like your biceps, triceps and calves that all function to support those bigger ones when you utilize them. This is especially the case when you squat, deadlift and bench.