Weight Loss on a Budget


Written by: The Diet Solutions Cam

Whether buying a new exercise DVD or attending a weight loss camp, people shell out a lot of money every year in an attempt to lose weight. That doesn’t mean that you need to be rich in order to shed those pounds you’ve been struggling to get rid of. On the contrary, it’s perfectly possible to lose weight without dishing out the dough for an expensive personal trainer or a lavish fitness vacation.

For less than twenty dollars, you can find a good advice book or exercise DVD to help you along the road to weight loss. Keep an eye out for used versions of both if you want to save money on losing weight! Joining a weight loss group can run anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars, but many people find that the support they receive is easily worth it. The most expensive option is a retreat. “Fat camps” are pricey but intensive.

Reducing the number of calories that you’re eating and increasing the amount of time you spend exercising is an easy way to lose weight that doesn’t have to cost a dime. In fact, cutting high-calorie foods out of your diet can even save you money! However, for some people, this method is difficult because they don’t have the discipline they need to maintain it.