Another reason to get out of your chair


Most people know that sitting can cause many illnesses. New research suggests that type 2 diabetes can be caused by inactivity, even if you have done your morning workout. Modern life has us sitting in one place a lot, from driving, work or watching TV.

Researchers tested this by placing motion monitors on 2,000 plus participants for 8 days. These monitors calculated the participants blood glucose levels. The majority of participants sat for a period of 9 hours. Every hour of sedentary time increased the odds of type 2 diabetes by 22%. The group that was tested also had higher body masses and many of them smoked.

To reduce your sitting time, you should be aware of how long you stay seated. You can set a timer every hour on your phone to remind you to take a quick break. This could be getting up to visit the wash room or to grab a drink of water. Some pedometers have this option built in and they will remind you to get up and get moving. For those who have to sit for long periods at their desks, you could choose a standing desk.

Your commute to and from work could be changed to a cycle ride or a walk (if you work relatively close by). Not only will you get your workout in, you will be environmentally friendly and healthy. If you’re on the couch watching your favourite TV show, make a note walk about when the TV commercials are on.