What is your hunger type?


There are reasons why each person feels hungry. By understanding why we feel hungry we would be better able to maintain a healthy weight. Hunger can exist for a number of reasons like for instance hormones, caffeine, sleep, alcohol, etc. Here are the most common types of hunger explained;

Bored Hunger – When you are bored you tend to reach for food, that if you were busy, you wouldn’t even bother with. This is because food increases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives you a happy high. For the bored eaters, it’s best to keep yourself occupied. You could also stock up on healthy snacks and make sure you get rid of unhealthy snack options.

Stress Hunger – This type of hunger comes up when you’re under pressure, be it a work, family or social commitment. If you know you will be faced with a stressful situation, be prepared. You can do this by consuming a healthy large breakfast. This should keep you satisfied and help you make healthier choices during the day. Remember that stress eaters put on weight in the most unattractive areas, which are tummy, back and chest.

Emotional Hunger – If you tend to reach for the tub of ice cream after a break up, a hard day’s work or after you’ve had an argument with a friend/ family member, you could have emotional hunger. The reason why you reach for the high fat, high carb options is because it raises serotonin. The increase in serotonin reduces anxiety. Instead of reaching for food, try making sense of your emotional situation, for example try keeping a journal.